Friday, 15 June 2007

A Wealth of Knowledge From The Masters


What a great day, that is all I can say.

Huge thanks have to go out to Jon Giaan for putting this all together, you have really done a great job.

All the speakers have been top quality and none of them have held back, they have put everything out on the table for the 700+ that are in attendance.

Paul Blackburn really wrapped up a great first day with some insights into the mindest change required to develop the millionaire mindset.

Andrew and Darly Grant were probably the highlight of the day. Being fairly computer savvy myself, it is great to see two people have so much confidence in the business model and strategies that they have and to be telling a room full of 'internet ready entrepreneurs' how to get it done must be just mind blowing for them. There is no income protection going on here, they want everyone to share the wealth and are doing a spectacular job. Congratulations guys on making the first day an absolute winner for me.

On Saturday, as I have mentioned earlier, Dr Marc Dussault from Jay Abraham Asia Pacific ( I have seen Marc in action many times and he is both inspirational and motivational. He ran all the lead up events to Jay's Bootcamp last year, was involved heavily at the bootcamp reinforcing all of Jay's great strategies to ensure as many people as possible took the exponential mindset home with them.

You definitely have to check back to see what he has had to say. Otherwise, whether you went to the event or are reading this from somewhere around the world, check out The Dr's Daily Distinctions at

Looking forward to a great day on Saturday, check back for updates both during the seminar and after where I will be posting some more of my notes from the event.


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