Friday, 11 December 2015

Internet Mastery....Then To Now

Hi all

My internet mastery secrets blog really brings back some memories so I've decided to revive the site a bit and use this great platform to share some of the knowledge that I've had the opportunity to learn working in internet marketing and search engine optimisation.

Back in 2007 when this blog was started, I'm sure that it was probably one of the first "Live Event Blogs" to be written, certainly one of the first in Australia.  I remember the enjoyment from having a HTC phone with a slide out keyboard and stylus that finally had internet access and chose to use this technical innovation to share with the world my thoughts on the Internet Marketing Mastery Sessions being held in Sydney.

Not only was this blog my first Live IM Event Blog, the event was mind-blowing and life-changing.  The energy and information from the Internet Marketing Mastery Sessions helped set me on the path I have taken for the past seven years.

Having only started my internet marketing journey back in April 2007, it was amazing to be in a room full of people who all had this energy and excitement about them and to learn some of the foundation knowledge of my online marketing career, many of which are still relevant today from people like Daryl & Andrew Grant, Dr Marc Dussault from Jay Abraham Asia-Pacific, Mike Filasime, Paul Blackburn, Roy Ash, Stephen Pierce and Tom Hua as well as Australian internet marketers Yaro Starak and Brett McFall.

While I've also learnt from lots of other internet marketing gurus over the years, the basic internet marketing training I received at this event certainly set the foundation for future successes (and failures)...but it's been a fun ride.

I'll use this site now to share some of the great internet marketing education that I've received over the past seven years and I hope you'll enjoy reading it.

To show you how far the journey has taken me so far, and where I am today, Click Here to view the latest report we've put together on how to unlock targeted traffic from Facebook.

In the coming weeks I'll make sure to let you know how I put this product together in just 10 days!

I hope you enjoy following along the next stage of my internet marketing journey with me.

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Thursday, 21 June 2007

Grab Control of Your Inbox

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Now that everyone is full of great ideas for getting their internet business up and running, you are going to be working hard to set up Joint Ventures and other opportunities that are going to flood your inbox with email.

I recently started using a number of tips from Master Your Inbox and have saved literally hours every week by just managing my inbox in a better way.

This unique e-book* is like having your own personal assistant sitting beside you filing your emails, as they come in.

These are a set of simple and clever tips for you which stop this frustration and distraction caused by emails once and fo all. Invest the time now to Master Your Inbox and never have to bother again about all the Spam, Junk and untidy inbox.

Monday, 18 June 2007

Marc Dussault's Shift Happens Video

Hi All

I have a copy of the video shown by Dr Marc Dussault from Jay Abraham Asia Pacific at the start of his presentation.


Sunday, 17 June 2007

The Wrap Up - Internet Mastery Secrets

Hi All
Well, Internet Mastery Secrets is wrapping up after a long weekend filled with an ongoing supply of great speakers with great strategies that they were all willing to share.
Thanks to everyone who has checked out my blog. It has been enjoyable to put this info up for you.
Certainly my highlights were Andrew & Daryl Grant and Brett McFall. These guys were SPECTACULAR!
To Jon Giaan, congratulations on putting together a brilliant event. With over 600 people in attendance everything ran smoothly from our side of the stage. You fully deserved the standing ovation you received for the time and effort put into running this event.
I would highly recommend anyone who has a chance to attend an event that Jon is running that you don't miss it.
Brad Davidson

The Father of eBooks Reveals How He Created His Online Publishing Empire That Made Him Rich Beyond His Wildest Dreams

Tom Hua is the final presenter on stage for the weekend and provided his simple system for product development.
There are currently 1billion people on the internet and this is expected to grow to 2billion by 2010.
Just take a tiny slice of the $170billion pie.
Tom identifies 3 key principals off internet business:
1. Product
- affiliate program
- resell licences
- your own product
2. Website
- domain and hosting
- sales copy
3. Traffic
- search engines
- joint venture
- viral traffic
Your interest is going to be other peoples interest too. You know somethibg that someone else doesn't
Tom is providing his presentation so I will ad some additional links soon.
Thanks for your work Tom, exceptional bonus package. Far beyond most people's expectation for sure.

Power House Internet Optimisation Strategies That Novice And Professional Marketers Must Know And Apply

Stephen Pierce - Alive, Energetic and Revealing

We have the power to control our focus.

Life Is About Patterns

All books written in English are written with the same 26 letters

All art is created with 3 primary colours

All music is a combination of no more than 12 notes

They are all simple patterns

On the internet, one specific pattern is relevant.

The internet comes down to two specific issues

1. Traffic Generation
2. Traffic Monetisation

The right traffic at the lowestcost and the highest monetisation.

How many different wasy can you capture profits?

You can't control any environment but you can control your position in the environment.

Stephen' great message was four simple words


Find the gaps in the market

You can have the Resources, Energy and Plan but if the environment is wrong then you won't succeed.

Thanks Stephen, awesome presentation.


Saturday, 16 June 2007

How To Build Your Company 3 Times Faster, With Double The Average Industry Sales Per Employee, And Twice The Profitability - Without Employing A Single Salesperson

Marc Dussault from Jay Abraham Asia Pacific

Marc claims to speak three languages: english, french and exponetial (the language of money)

If you want to get something extrordinary then you need to do something out of the ordinary

If you do something out of the ordinary, you can get results out of the ordinary

Double, triple or quadruple your sales being antimemiticisomorphic

You will find memiticisomorphic on google, the best description for this is 'monkey see, monkey do'.

Antimemiticisomorphic is the opposite. Check out www.jayabrahamasiapacificcom And look out for the upcoming bootcamp in August 2007.

Marc believes in 'revolution by design rather than evolution by chance' Stop living life according to everyone elses rules.

Could you make a 1% imrpovement:

1% per week = 167 times 'better' = excellent

1% per day = 3778 times 'better' = outstanding

22 times the result by thinking exponentially

By increasing the frequency from weekly to daily you can have an exponential minset.

Just remember, it takes 21 days to change a habit.

Change your habits today and become exponential.

If you needany more info on Jay Abraham's bootcamp, I went last year so drop me a note and I will happily discuss with you.

Jealously Guarded Secrets Reveal How You Can Make Up To $5,000 A Week Online And Live An Extrordinary Lifestyle

Its that simple.
Brett McFall was exceptional. He had the room alive and on their feet cheering at the start of the session. Brett made it quite clear that his objective was to make sure everyone in the room gets it.
Brett has created over 10,000 advertisements in the last 18years and websites that have made over 400k in 8 weeks.
As a teaser to motivate people, Brett explained his internet lifestyle.
8 Reasons The "Internet Lifestyle is better than working for a living.
- You can work where you want
- Wake when you want
- No staff to pay
- No premises to rent
- Freedom, your business can be nearly 100% automatible
- Create as many businesses as you want
- Beginners can do it
- Lots of money to be made
Beginners can become a success on the internet by "being the general of the army, not the soldier in the trenches".
The number one easiest product to sell on the internet because it is zero or low cost and electronic, downloadable, easy, quick and very profitable.
3 Beliefs of An Internet Marketer
1. Creating Information Products is easy
2. The product is important, but MARKETING IS KING
"What is the one reason I should do business with you over anyone else?"
3. You don't need to know everything in order to be successful.
This guy was amazing. If you get a chance, don't miss it. Subscribe to his newsletter or just find whatever he has to can't go wrong.
Thanks Brett!

Saturday at Internet Mastery Secrets

Hi alll, welcome to the Saturday session of Internet Mastery Secrets LIVE from Sydney.

Brett Mcfall is due up on stage soon and i'm expecting big things so stay tuned.



Brett McFall

Brett McFall is on stage Saturday. I was just checking out his site and he might be a can't miss.
You can also check out the post on Yaro Starak's blog from the Brisbane event:

Mike Filsaime at Internet Mastery Secrets Seminar

Hey Guys

I was just searching around the internet to find some additional info on the speakers from the seminar and came across this video taken at today's event:

Friday, 15 June 2007

Roy Ash Quote

Just thought I would share this quote that came in an email just now:

"An entrepreneur tends to bite off a little more than he can chew hoping he'll quickly learn how to chew it."
— Roy Ash: President of Litton Industries.

A Wealth of Knowledge From The Masters


What a great day, that is all I can say.

Huge thanks have to go out to Jon Giaan for putting this all together, you have really done a great job.

All the speakers have been top quality and none of them have held back, they have put everything out on the table for the 700+ that are in attendance.

Paul Blackburn really wrapped up a great first day with some insights into the mindest change required to develop the millionaire mindset.

Andrew and Darly Grant were probably the highlight of the day. Being fairly computer savvy myself, it is great to see two people have so much confidence in the business model and strategies that they have and to be telling a room full of 'internet ready entrepreneurs' how to get it done must be just mind blowing for them. There is no income protection going on here, they want everyone to share the wealth and are doing a spectacular job. Congratulations guys on making the first day an absolute winner for me.

On Saturday, as I have mentioned earlier, Dr Marc Dussault from Jay Abraham Asia Pacific ( I have seen Marc in action many times and he is both inspirational and motivational. He ran all the lead up events to Jay's Bootcamp last year, was involved heavily at the bootcamp reinforcing all of Jay's great strategies to ensure as many people as possible took the exponential mindset home with them.

You definitely have to check back to see what he has had to say. Otherwise, whether you went to the event or are reading this from somewhere around the world, check out The Dr's Daily Distinctions at

Looking forward to a great day on Saturday, check back for updates both during the seminar and after where I will be posting some more of my notes from the event.


Live From Internet Marketing Mastery - Sydney

Hi All

I am going to be posting LIVE to this blog from the Internet Marketing Mastery sessions being held in Sydney from 15 June to 17 June 2007.

I will be posting a report after each speaker with the most relevent distinctions from their time on stage. Stay posted and get the latest and greatest information straight from the horses mouth.

The main speakers over the weekend will be

Peter Sun
Andrew & Daryl Grant
Mike Filsaime
Brett McFall
Marc Dussault
Stephen Pierce

Along with a few others.

Stay Tuned