Sunday, 17 June 2007

Power House Internet Optimisation Strategies That Novice And Professional Marketers Must Know And Apply

Stephen Pierce - Alive, Energetic and Revealing

We have the power to control our focus.

Life Is About Patterns

All books written in English are written with the same 26 letters

All art is created with 3 primary colours

All music is a combination of no more than 12 notes

They are all simple patterns

On the internet, one specific pattern is relevant.

The internet comes down to two specific issues

1. Traffic Generation
2. Traffic Monetisation

The right traffic at the lowestcost and the highest monetisation.

How many different wasy can you capture profits?

You can't control any environment but you can control your position in the environment.

Stephen' great message was four simple words


Find the gaps in the market

You can have the Resources, Energy and Plan but if the environment is wrong then you won't succeed.

Thanks Stephen, awesome presentation.


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