Saturday, 16 June 2007

Jealously Guarded Secrets Reveal How You Can Make Up To $5,000 A Week Online And Live An Extrordinary Lifestyle

Its that simple.
Brett McFall was exceptional. He had the room alive and on their feet cheering at the start of the session. Brett made it quite clear that his objective was to make sure everyone in the room gets it.
Brett has created over 10,000 advertisements in the last 18years and websites that have made over 400k in 8 weeks.
As a teaser to motivate people, Brett explained his internet lifestyle.
8 Reasons The "Internet Lifestyle is better than working for a living.
- You can work where you want
- Wake when you want
- No staff to pay
- No premises to rent
- Freedom, your business can be nearly 100% automatible
- Create as many businesses as you want
- Beginners can do it
- Lots of money to be made
Beginners can become a success on the internet by "being the general of the army, not the soldier in the trenches".
The number one easiest product to sell on the internet because it is zero or low cost and electronic, downloadable, easy, quick and very profitable.
3 Beliefs of An Internet Marketer
1. Creating Information Products is easy
2. The product is important, but MARKETING IS KING
"What is the one reason I should do business with you over anyone else?"
3. You don't need to know everything in order to be successful.
This guy was amazing. If you get a chance, don't miss it. Subscribe to his newsletter or just find whatever he has to can't go wrong.
Thanks Brett!

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