Friday, 15 June 2007

How A Failed Marketing Student Went From Muffins To Millions in just 5 years

Hi everyone. Thanks for checking out the Internet Mastery Secrets blog being updated live from the Sydney seminar.
The first speaker was Peter Sun from the Better Business Institute on Making Business Profitable. BBI is responsible for creating many great marketers like Mal Emery.
Peters main focus was on business growth and the strategies he has used to grow hundreds of businesses.
What is the ideal business for creating wealth.
- Target people that have money and are willing to spend it
- Sells quality high margin products that have real value and the target market wants to buy
- Multiple streams of income
- High leverage potential through selling opportunity
- Follows a proven path for growth
Additional key points from Peter were:
Sell energy.
Awaken peoples emotions and you will make money.
You must take action.

Don't forget to check back regularly over the next three days to get the secrets from the masters.
Have a great day.
Brad Davidson

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