Sunday, 17 June 2007

The Father of eBooks Reveals How He Created His Online Publishing Empire That Made Him Rich Beyond His Wildest Dreams

Tom Hua is the final presenter on stage for the weekend and provided his simple system for product development.
There are currently 1billion people on the internet and this is expected to grow to 2billion by 2010.
Just take a tiny slice of the $170billion pie.
Tom identifies 3 key principals off internet business:
1. Product
- affiliate program
- resell licences
- your own product
2. Website
- domain and hosting
- sales copy
3. Traffic
- search engines
- joint venture
- viral traffic
Your interest is going to be other peoples interest too. You know somethibg that someone else doesn't
Tom is providing his presentation so I will ad some additional links soon.
Thanks for your work Tom, exceptional bonus package. Far beyond most people's expectation for sure.

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