Friday, 15 June 2007

How This General Manager Making Over $180,000 Per Year Running One Of The Largest Volume Car Dealership In The World Told His Boss To...SHOVE IT!

Mike Filsaime has just finished on stage. I have been hoping to hear him live for over a year. His audio is great but see him live if you ever get a chance.
Mike grows his opt in list at about 1000 members per day and he had sales of $4.4 mil in 2006.
Anyway, a couple of key distinctions and lessons from Mike:
- Do something you are passionate about otherwise it will fall to the wayside
- Work on one project at a time and don't spread yourself too thin
- Focus on listbuilding and relationship building. It drives the growth of the business
- Maximise the power of viral marketing
- Things don't always go as planned
- There is no such thing as an overnight success _they have all worked hard to get where they are.
- Keep creating content
- Present offers while the time is right
- Grow with the right staff
- Find the right mentors
- Tell your story, share your results and sell your system (a lot of people would love to learn what you do)
Some of Mike's most successful sites include Viral Friend Generator, Firesale Secrets, The Resource Report and Butterfly Marketing.

Be sure to check these out. Mike is one of the most successful internet parketers on the internet.
There is heaps more stuff, Mike did case studies on a number of his sites and really showed the insider secrets that made him money. Mike even opened the lid on The Resource Report to show us what keeps the engine ticking for this successful site that was launched on stage live in Melbourne last year.

Stay posted, I will add some more information from Mike after the weekend has finished.

Have a great day.


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