Friday, 15 June 2007

Andrew & Daryl Grant Presentation Update

Hi All
I told you that I would come back to you with the 6 steps that Andrew and Daryl Grant identified as the key steps that they use for every product they release.
Another one of their very successful sites is
1. Identify a potential marken niche
(Find the target market first, then develop the prduct)
2. Test through Overture and through a small online survey to see if it will be profitable.
3. Develop the produce. Preferably with electronic download. Use an ebook, audio download or software.
4. Write the sales letter while the product is being developed.
5. Build the website with a process to collect the money.
Use a tool like:
6. Monitor and fine tune
These are the key steps. Check back after the seminar finishes Sunday and I will put up some more detailed information on this over the next week.

This site is launching in July and will be choc full of information to grow your business online and offline.
Mike Filsaime is about to start. Be back with an update soon.

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